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Fort Worth Collaborative Lawyers Redefine Divorce

An unhappy coupleDoes every Fort Worth divorce or child custody case have to end in a bitter trial? While in days gone by, a Fort Worth divorce attorney devoted the majority of his or her time to preparing clients for that day of reckoning at the courthouse, times have changed.  Although popular media still glorifies the drama of such trials, family law lawyers in Fort Worth have embraced collaborative law as a smart alternative to trial.

Divorce trials put people in an adversarial framework where the only means of achieving success is at the expense of their spouse.  Unfortunately, Dallas divorce attorneys as well as Fort Worth divorce attorneys learned that such “winner take all” conflicts at the courthouse did not lay the foundation for effective co-parenting post-divorce.  Ultimately, it is the children of these divorces who pay the price when they are caught in the middle of parental conflict and bitterness caused by a bitter divorce in Fort Worth.

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