Child Custody Lawyers in Fort Worth
We believe every child deserves to be happy

"Co-Parenting" is the most over-used term in Family Law.  Do both parents have what it takes to co-parent, or are children pawns in a war of revenge?  Let's find out. 

This isn't your mother's child custody case.  Attitudes towards parental involvement and the sharing of parenting time are changing quickly.  While many divorce and custody lawyers "double-down" on the old ways of thinking, we take a more enlightened approach, helping today's clients make sound, realistic decisions about their children.  First, we separate good parents from the liars, narcissists and other fakers who want time with their kids only to promote conflict. We also know how to protect children from harm using emergency restraining orders and attachment orders.  We know Tarrant county family courts and represent clients in divorce, custody, modification of custody, paternity and CPS cases.  We know the traits Judges look for in good, reliable parents and we can help you make your best presentation while avoiding the common mistakes that can spell disaster in family court. 

Types of Child Custody

At Schreier & Housewirth, our Fort Worth child custody lawyers truly understand your concerns for your welfare and the welfare of our children as you move through divorce and make important choices regarding child custody and parenting plan development. We have nearly thirty-five years of combined family law experience representing the needs and concerns of our clients. Contact us today.

Joint Managing Conservatorship is Just the Beginning

Unless there are elements of child abuse, drug abuse, domestic violence or other troubling behaviors, parents will be appointed as Joint Managing Conservators in Tarrant county family court.  Sure, it's a feel-good title, but the details of the custody order will determine whether you and the other parent are truly jointly participating in making critical decisions that will affect your children's lives.  The Texas Family Code requires that these parental powers be exercised jointly, independently, or separately by parents.  I recommend clients focus on the major decisions: primary residence, invasive medical care, and educational decisions.  Deciding how these decisions get made in a divorce or custody case takes time and attention to detail.  We'll be at your side, helping you understand the importance of these decisions, evaluating your options, and then advocating for you. 

Is Child Protection Needed?

When there are such issues as domestic violence or alcohol/drug use, child protection may be needed. Throughout the years, we have developed relationships with professionals in the community through whom we have access to support services ranging from therapists to parenting coordinators for child custody evaluation and assessment.

Experienced Tarrant County family lawyer, Gregory L. Housewirth, successfully has tried numerous jury trials and trials before the court, gaining a thorough knowledge of the trial process and advanced negotiating skills that work to the advantage of our clients.

In addition to child custody and placement issues we also handle issues involving conservatorship, child support, modification, and relocation.

Contact a Tarrant County child custody attorney at our firm. For further information please read our article, Child Custody in Texas.