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Schreier+Housewirth is a family law practice representing clients in divorce, custody, and all other types of family law cases. As a husband and wife legal team, Schreier + Housewirth isn't just our law practice, it's our family business.

Sure, we love a good fight, but you have to live with the results.  That's why we're *negotiators *collaborative lawyers, and *mediators, too. We put you in control, giving you real choices for your particular family law case. 

SCHREIER + HOUSEWIRTH Family Law, makes it easy for you to connect with us by SMS Text, and to schedule your first appointment online. And, because we know you're busy, we offer Saturday appointments.

At Schreier + Housewirth, we know family law is a complex and evolving field of practice and our clients benefit from our willingness to grow and innovate.  We’ve lead the way in giving our clients meaningful alternatives to courtroom battles, such as mediation and collaborative divorce. 

Our divorce practice ranges from our flat-fee, uncontested divorces to complex divorces involving claims for spousal maintenance or alimony, valuation and division of high value assets such as business interests and professional practices.

Child custody cases arise not only in the context of divorce, but also in paternity, modification, termination and grandparent interventions.  We give our clients the tools they need to raise safe and happy children.  Working closely with counselors, teachers, and you, we develop effective and workable parenting plans.

A CPS investigation can be a family’s darkest moment.  The stakes are high and unmatched legal representation is a must.  For over 25 years, CPS clients have turned to us as the most recognized CPS lawyers in in Fort Worth to help them keep their families under one roof.

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